"Lindy was the greatest! She quickly understood our objectives, and came up with ideas that we never would have thought of. Her design was fresh and modern and gave our 60 year old cottage home a brand new look. Now, five years later, we still love our 'new' home and are amazed at what she was able to accomplish. From architectural concepts, through getting estimates and contractors, and supervising every aspect of construction, Lindy was there for us." — Sally

"Lindy Small designed a spectacular house for our family. It is a 'see-through house' and has lovely views from all angels, and takes advantage of the excellent light and sunshine. We entertain frequently, and the house is perfect for either a crowd of 20 or just 2 people. The warm modern architectural style of the house is a pure delight. We love our house. Lindy incorporated all our wishes into the house, listened carefully to our thoughts and our budget, and brought ideas to the house that we never considered. Lindy was invaluable in the permitting process and in the process of recommending contractors and overseeing the project through construction. She is a great designer and was a pleasure to work with." — Cynthia and Harvey

"Lindy Small designed a new house from my 1928 Spanish bungalow, maintaining its charming exterior while transforming the interior space into a modern light filled space without a wasted square inch. Everything works - the large living room/kitchen/dining area, separated from a more private office/media room, plus two bedrooms and baths in less than 1400 square feet. Her kitchen design is the highlight - double deep drawers for massive storage in a small space, and built to be reached by a 5'6" person without a step. I then engaged LIndy to select the general contractor and engineer, obtain the necessary permits and manage the project to completion. I found that I could trust her to deal with every issue, no matter how important or trivial. She kept me informed about what was happening, but I didn't have to deal with daily chaos that is inevitable in a big project." — Judith

"Very clean, contemporary aesthetic. Great spatial sense. Spatially efficient. Very open to client participation in the design process. Created multiple alternative sketch designs of basic program for client review and discussion. Creative/innovative solutions to design challenges. Focused and fast. Tight attention to detail. Cost conscious. Firm, but cooperative with contractor and subs. Stayed on top of the project throughout the cycle." — Rog

"Lindy's designs start with a remarkable attentiveness to the clients' needs that spins into innovative and executable architecture. Rarely do we builders get to team up with someone whose ability to visualize a beautiful end product can be translated so easily into a set of building plans. Lindy's respectful of the building team and honors her clients' wishes while arguing for the art that will be the home she envisions." — Drew

"Lindy designed our home for us in 2004 and we liked working with her so much that we hired her again to do an addition to our house when we realized we needed another bedroom/bath. Lindy was easy to work with, listened to what we wanted, what we needed, then added her great creativity and practicality to design our beautiful contemporary home. I had a hard time picturing what the spaces would look like seeing just two dimentional drawings so Lindy made quick paper models allowing me to get a real feel for the house before we proceeded. She has a great sense of humor. We enjoyed working with her very much. Thank you, Lindy, for a lovely, livable space." — Lorrie

"We had the good fortune of having Lindy Small referred to us by a mutual friend when we were desperately looking for an architect to turn the rabbit-warren dump of a house we bought in Albany into a light-filled tranquil oasis for our family of four. She turned our total gut and remodel ugly duckling into a swan — a solid, clean, sleek, innovative, inspiring, energy-efficient, light-filled masterpiece. Lindy is a creative thinker who doesn't compromise function for aesthetics — an important trait in architects who dream big and then when it actually comes time to living/using in the space, you realize how dysfunctional "the big design idea" is. Instead she strikes the perfect balance of form and function. She is very thorough and an excellent communicator not only on the schedule but on items that we changed or added and how it would affect our budget. Lindy is not a prima donna designer. She listens, incorporates suggestions and gives appropriate push-back when she believes changes are going to jeopardize the functionality or aesthetic. She is tough enough to work with head-strong contractors and diplomatic enough to work with planning departments and inspectors. She brought the project in ON TIME and ON BUDGET. Working with Lindy Small really boils down to one word — WOW! We have recommended Lindy to both colleagues and friends and will continue to do so without reservation." — Massimo and Barak

"Lindy Small has twice provided residential design services for us. We were so impressed with her ideas, guidance and execution of our kitchen/family room/dining room/guest bathroom remodeling project 10 years ago that we asked if she would work with us again on a master bedroom/bathroom remodel last year. Lindy's design aesthetic really resonates with us, and we would happily ask her to finish the house if we could! Both projects surpassed our expectations and we are thoroughly enjoying living in our new spaces. Lindy is also very selective in finding the right contractors for her projects. They need to be as aesthetically driven as she is in order to deliver the quality and craftsmanship her design demands. If the contractor comes recommended by Lindy, you know you're in good hands. Lindy stays on top of her projects and keeps them moving along. She is a wonderful person, in addition to being an inspired designer. Anecdotally - my husband, a commercial and academic institutions architect, readily acknowledges that Lindy is the best at what she does. Highly recommend Lindy." — Josie

"Lindy Small designed a beautiful "small" house for me that is currently (as of June 2014) under construction. Throughout the process she has provided me with the very best service, everything from the creativity of her design to her exacting attention to detail. We are using a lot of new technology in this house, and Lindy has been most willing to explore the possibilities and practicalities of everything I have asked for. She has attacked every obstacle presented by my design criteria, by the scope of the project, by city building and planning, and by the terrain and the topology of the building site with cheerful enthusiasm. I told her from the beginning that I would be very hands-on during this project, and she has never resented or otherwise objected to my involvement in every aspect of design and detail. In fact, her eagerness to listen and share has turned our professional collaboration into a wonderfully pleasant experience. She also suggested several consultants and a contractor with whom she had worked before and who share her high standards, and that too has made the project go more smoothly. Besides her professional credentials and experience, Lindy is creative and communicative. It's a good combination in an architect." — L.G.P.

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